New Licencee news!


Congratulations to Bob M7BMM for obtaining his foundation licence!


We are also happy to report success for 3 more of our intermediate pilot course alumni – a testament to their hard work and study

Martin MM7CGY
Stephen M6EXF

September Intermediate Course open for Registration

We have opened up registration for our September Intermediate Training Course and it is filling up fast – as of the time of this blog post we have 7 spaces left! Be sure to drop by sooner than later if you are thinking of joining up! The next course will be late October/Early November

Club Net Success

Following a recent membership survey by Phil – M7ANW the club digital net has moved to a Monday evening at 8pm. The net, which is now run weekly, was very well attended, with many good reports received from members. The net is accessible on most digital modes. For those without digital radios you can use echolink on your smart phone or PC! For more info on the clubs digital net bridge see

Time for your talk?

We are now starting to look to plan out a series of club night talks and events for the next few months, but to do this we need you! Are there any aspects of the hobby that have got your interest? Any recent successes you are willing to share – or do you know someone who may consider giving us a talk? If so contact the Community Reps on Discord [Tea/Coffee Makers]!

October Raffle

As mentioned in last weeks newsletter we intend to hold a raffle in time to raise money for the RAIBC amateur radio charity and the club. A number of retailers, including Nevada Radio, Sinotel, Technofix and iCOM have offered some goodies for the raffle [details to follow] other prizes include a 49:1 unun kit, an AnyTone Dual Band FM mobile radio and the RSGB 2020 call book, donations of prizes are welcome – please contact Marty – MM7OZY on discord.

We hope to get tickets on sale on the 1st Oct

Remote Station Coming Soon?

Having taken advice we are now one step further to having an online shack available to ours members! Currently the club call sign and any club equipment can be operated remotely by full licence holders. We believe we now have a way to enable intermediate and foundation licencees to use the club call, under supervision, appropriate controls.

The big obstacles are:

  • We need a rig that can be controlled remotely [any rig with cat control would work]
  • We need a good location to setup an antenna, ideally for free with some security [the antenna is assumed to be a wire based to minimise risk of leaving unattended for months at a time]

If you have any suggestions please post in the #community-development channel or message any of the community reps.

SOTA Activation – Sara MW7SRA

On 4th September – Sara MW7SRA took part in her first SOTA activation – receiving great reports from stations from across Wales on her simple handheld Baofeng!  Sara has our congratulations and admiration for taking the bull by the horn and getting out there! Not only that, but in the true spirit of amateur radio, Sara returned to earth armed with a series of questions on how to improve her portable setup – living the spirit of amateur radio.