The OARC has recently been accredited a member of the RSGB Brickworks program, previously known as Beyond Exams

The Brickworks Scheme enables you to build experience with the help of your club – You will have fun whilst discovering more about amateur radio and what it has to offer. The scheme is run through accredited clubs and consists of 23 activities, based around five themes. As you go through the scheme and complete activities successfully, you will receive certificates to reward your progress.

What are the activities?

The activities are grouped into five themes. You can try them in any order you like. The five themes are Having a go, Getting Involved, Taking Part, Making and Promoting Amateur Radio

How will I be rewarded for my achievements?

At various stages throughout the scheme you will receive a certificate to reward your progress. The table below shows the certificates as well as the number of completed activities needed to claim them.

Certificate Activities
Bronze 3
Silver 5
Gold 10
Platinum 15
Diamond 23

Who can take part in the Club Scheme?

Anyone! The scheme is designed to:

  • Help newcomers explore amateur radio
  • Provide a framework for getting back into the hobby if you have been away from it for a few years. It will help you to discover what has changed and what is new.
  • Give established amateur radio operators ideas for new challenges

How do I join in?

Log into the community discord server and head over to the #bw-support channel.  Send a message to one fo the team using @Brickworksteam. You will be issued with a Record of Achievement tracker. Once received you are good to go!

The scheme operates mostly on trust, but you will be expected to evidence each activity you have completed.
When you hit one of the above thresholds submit your form to the @Brickworksteam to claim your certification! Certificates are sent as PDF’s for the first 3 stages. We are looking at opportunities to make hard copy. Those achieving Platinum and Diamond will be recognised by the club on social media, on the weekly @ everyone post and as many other means as we can!

Must i complete all achievements with OARC?

No, any club that is Brickworks accredited will recognise your Record of Achievement!