Digital Channels

Our club has a dedicated cross network Digital Room – M0OUK – available on DMR, Echolink and D Star

This interlinking of DMR, D Star and Echolink was achieved in just over 2 days from scratch by member Matthew – 2E0SIP – He has our suitably impressed thanks!

Francis – M0UKF hosts the D Star and YSF Reflectors, plus YSF to DMR Bridge


TalkGroup: 2348479Listen Live
EchoLink ID: M0OUK-L

Node: 534369

Reflector – XLX061 C

View Dashboard

*see note

YSF84338 – GB M0OUK-L

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*see note

*D-Star & System Fusion Reflectors

Please note the D Star & System Fusion Reflectors were created around the start of June and have only just been added to their associate directories. If you are using a pi-star based hotspot then these should get downloaded automatically overnight – although you can log into your hotspot and force this at any time.D Star Repeaters may not accept XLX reflectors, and other repeaters update schedules are at the control of the local repeater keeper – if you have trouble drop a message in the #digital-radio channel on Discord