Next Event:- Saturday 19th June 2021, 20:00 until Late

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At Online ARC we like to let out hair down regularly and due to distance and the pandemic we’ve setup our own Virtual Pub nights. You can choose to drink alcoholic (beer, wine, cocktails, spirits, etc) or non alcoholic drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate, fizzy drinks, etc) during the event.

Mitchell 2E0EMO (Hamlord) and Paul M0TZO (The Guv) invite you to The Rubber Duck Pub (Virtual) on the 1st Friday and 3rd Saturday each month from 8pm until late.

Links will be supplied in Discord #the-rubber-duck-pub channel for Zoom. Pub nights are not usually recorded.

Rules (sorry, but just a few):-

  • Please don’t repost Zoom links publically outside the Online ARC Discord Server. You may however send privately to people you know.
  • Try not to speak over other people in the chat, and be aware there are sometimes slight delays on Zoom which may cause this.
  • Make sure to let everyone have a say, and not to dominate the conversation.