During our First Annual General Meeting, the Online ARC community shared their highlights of the first 12 months of our communities and our plans for the future. Below are a few highlights!

First 12 Months

  • Created a FREE “club without committee” run by volunteers, managed by its members for it’s members.
  • Created a vibrant and diverse 24/7 community on the Discord Community Platform
  • Launched over 14 special interest chat areas
  • Developed a community wiki platform to allow for the easy sharing of information
  • Supported the invigilation of over 400 licence exams
  • Trained over 300 candidates to intermediate level
  • Provide Foundation & Full support courses plus round the clock revision aid
  • Offered online logging to all OARC members
  • Developed and deployed a SIP Phone Network
  • Invested in and rolled out a digital bridge – linking all Analogue and digital voice modes into a single hub
  • Delivered the RSGB Beyond Exams program to over 50 candidates
  • Raised over £300 for the RAIBC
  • Held weekly Zoom social events!

Funded ideas currently being rolled out

  • To create an open study program, that looks to deliver training on any aspect of amateur radio every other week
  • September field days – 2 sites planned to allow newly licenced amateurs to work the club call signs and try out their own equipment on good antennas
  • Rally support – Attend a number of major rallies and provide a table, and support to fellow members
  • Outreach – work with STEM programs and other niche hobbies to attract new talent and interest to our hobby

How do i get involved?

Join us on discord, all are welcome, there are no costs, membership is free!