What is this for
SOTA Days is an idea to bring people together to work one another and to give access to all abilities to have a go and possibly win their section no matter the kit they may have. This contest is for everyone no matter where they are to have a SOTA party and have fun over 3 weekends of summer. Hopefully this contest will become a global party for SOTA associations to participate no matter where they are in the world.

What purpose
The purpose of the contest is to celebrate the best of SOTA and the global impact it has had and have the biggest party in the world from the smallest summit to the biggest have a go to see what they can do.

2024 Dates
Weekend 1 1st & 2nd Jun
Weekend 2 6th & 7th Jul
Weekend 3 3th & 4th Aug

What Contest is it
The Contest is simple for you to get the most points in a section, you need to get the most summit to summit contacts in any mode and band apply.
The sections are as follows:
(Open to everyone)

Overall Weekend 1
Overall Weekend 2
Overall Weekend 3
Overall SOTA Days

(This section is for any call outside the UK to enter)

Overall Weekend 1 Rest of the World
Overall Weekend 2 Rest of the World
Overall Weekend 3 Rest of the World
Overall SOTA Days Rest of the World

(This section is for people with less kit for SOTA also restricted to 5W & HTs only – in effect FM only)
Overall VHF Weekend 1
Overall VHF Weekend 2
Overall VHF Weekend 3
Overall VHF SOTA Days

(This section is for UK Only)
Overall Weekend 1 Foundation
Overall Weekend 2 Foundation
Overall Weekend 3 Foundation
Overall SOTA Days Foundation
Overall Weekend 1 Intermediate
Overall Weekend 2 Intermediate
Overall Weekend 3 Intermediate
Overall SOTA Days Intermediate

If any groups want a country specific category, please contact Nathan 2M0OCC or Mark 2M0IIG before of May 2024

Rules are simple, normal SOTA rules apply.

How to enter
This will be done from a custom online logger – more information TBC

Any other info
Remember this is a contest – have fun but be safe.