Now that the community has grown to over 400 members we are starting to have some basic operational costs. Currently our operating costs come in at about £250 a year. This covers our subscription to Zoom, which is used to deliver our intermediate training, club talks and pub night. It also includes costs for the clubs digital bridge which is used for our social nets.

We also have a number of aspirations around field days, such as hiring out a camp site. We would like more competitions, build along events, a presence at rallies and potentially one day our own remote shack! All these things cost a little bit of money.

We don’t want to charge membership fees but a number of people have expressed an interest in donating to the cause! To this end we have setup Paypal donate link! You can use the Paypal link opposite to make a 1 time donation, or using the drop down – contribute monthly. Every penny adds up, no donation is too small but equally no donation is required!

Finance records will be made available to any member who requests them on the discord server.

Finally a very big thank you to Marty MM7OZY who has offered a brand new Anytone AT-778UV 2m/70cm mobile radio to be raffled to support the club. A number of others have offered other items. More details will follow on discord shortly , but the funds raised will be split across the OARC and an agreed charity, details to follow.