OARC PBX Callbook

Welcome to the OARC PBX

PBX kindly hosted by 39D (39support.com)

Below is the information required to access the PBX. Please see the Disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Requesting a number

For all number requests please @2e0emo on discord in the #sip-network room. Mitchell will then provide you with a extension number and server details. Typically this can take about 24 hours but where possible done sooner. You can request two types of number:

  • 1*** – Used for conference rooms
  • 4*** – This is a standard number designed for day to day use
  • 5*** – This is for experimental usage.

PBX Directory

Standard extensions
    • NameCallsign/sExtension
      Andy 2E0VNX / M7VNX4321
      Ciemon G0TRT4008 & 5008
      Francis M0UKF4001 & 5001
      Hamzah 2E0HXS4005
      HenryJames M7HJR4004
      Lance2E0YLD4011 & 5020
      Mitchell (HamLord)2E0EMO/MB7RMS4444
      Nathan 2M0OCC4006
      Paul M0PLL4009
      Paul M0TZO4469
      Robin 2E0GGJ4003 & 5003
Call in conferences
    • ConferenceName
      1001General Conference
      (If no one else on the conference the on hold will play)
      13001pm daily conference
      1782Pub for pub nights
      (1-PUB on T9 keypads)


Dialling codes

Please always put the * at the start. This will let the PBX know you are not trying to call someone

    • *43 – Delay Echo – Audio is played back after a slight delay.
    • *65 – Speak your extension number.
    • *60 – Speaking clock.
    • *97 – Voice mail.
    • *78 – Do Not Disturb activated.
    • *79 – Do Not Disturb deactivated.
    • *76 – Do Not Disturb toggle.

Server Admins

  • Server Admin is: 2E0EMO (all network issues, server issues, network abuse)
  • Co Admin: 2E0SIP (Bridge and registrations)

If your phone has been blocked

If you feel your phone has been blocked please message 2E0EMO on discord. Please provide the following:

  • Public IP address
  • Your extension
  • If you are in the UK or not in the UK
  • If you have tried to add a new phone
  • If you been experimenting with something.

Supported hardware

Most phones as long as they support VOIP / SIP can be used on the platform. Please check they are not network locked or have any custom firmware on them. This is typical if a phone has been used with 3CX. Below are a few brands that are known to work. If buying a phone please check the power supply is included. If it needs PoE you will need to buy a PoE switch or injector.

  • Yealink
  • Polycom
  • Cisco
  • Fanvil
  • Softphones

Known Working Software / Apps

  • GS Wave – Android
  • MizuDroid – Android
  • SipDroid – Android
  • Zoiper – Android

HamShack Hotline

Info coming soon


The club phone system is a internal phone network and has no access to any other outside systems including emergency calling.