The OARC is a community run by it’s community. We do not have a committee but rather individuals who propose ideas for which they have a passion to lead!

The following directory provides a list of contact details for each activity currently underway. To contact an individual send them a message on discord!



  • Talks and Events

Leads: Francis M0UKF & Paul M0TZO
see for more information

  • The Rubber Duck Pub

Landlords: Mitch – 2E0EMO & Paul – M0TZO
see for more information

  • Community Digital Network [DMR, YSF, D-Star, Allstar, Echolink etc…]

Bridge Manager: Matthew – 2E0SIP
Support: Francis – M0UKF
Net Controller: Vacant
See for more information

Training and Development

Training Manager
: Francis – M0UKF

  • Foundation Training Lead: Lance 2E0YLD
  • Intermediate Training Lead: Francis M0UKF
  • Full Training Lead: Robin 2E0GGJ
  • Beyond Exams Lead: Francis M0UKF
  • Returning to Amateur Radio Workshop Lead: Paul M0TZO

Training team:
Andy 2E0VNX, Carl 2E0LUA, Eoin 2E1NVK, Francis M0UKF, Lance 2E0YLD Martin GM5JDG, Marty 2M0OSW, Nathan 2M0OCC, Paul M0PLL, Paul M0TZO, Robin 2E0GGJ, Stu M0MMZ, Teodor 2E0GIY, Vic

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Technical Projects

  • Packet and Networking: Tom M0LTE, Mitch 2E0EMO, Francis M0UKF, Allen M0VTE
  • The SIP Network: Mitch 2E0SIP

Club Facilities

  • Community Wiki: Ciemon G0TRT
  • Press Office/Club Promotion: Stu M0MMZ
  • OARC.UK website Management: Paul M0TZO, Francis M0UKF
  • Server Bots: Francis M0UKF, Tom M0LTE
  • Discord Server Management: Post suggestions in the Community Development Channel
  • Facebook Page: Lance 2E0YLD